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12/14/17 08:00 PM #19    


Lola Willhelm (Andrews)

My exact sentiments to everyone!

12/16/17 08:05 PM #20    

Photini Stamas (Fote)

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!  

Photini (Tina) Stamas Fote

05/15/18 03:38 PM #21    

Richard Hohn (Hohn)

Stan "Silky" Sullivan will be missed. He was good about staying in touch with friends. Even thouigh he was class of "59, it seems like quite a few remember him.

One story I remember is when we were lining up to run a play (I was at left guard, Stan was the center and I think Phil Cromer was at right guard) when Jerry Krauss came up to the line and put his hands up under Phil (?) to receive the ball. Phil was a bit starlted and raised up which got the rest of us to check it out. Stan said a few "choice" words to Jerry K who then assumed his correct spot. Don't remember if we ran the play or got a penalty. In any case, I think we won the game and we had alot of laughs (not so sure Coach Eby joined in).

Stan helped me stay in the choir and I am still grateful that he did. Great experiences with Mrs. Bright and the entire choir. Oh yeah, how did Stan help me. Well, I was a "leaner", that is sometimes I would get off on notes to sing and if I stood next to Stan I could lean in and get the note. Mrs. Bright probably knew but she kept working with me as did Stan. Thanks to both. 

I aso remember Stan doing Cool Water. One of my favorites on the LP (vinyl record) the choir did. 

Had a lot of good times hanging out with Stan and the other guys. R.I.P. Stan. God Speed!


Dick Hohn - "59

05/16/18 11:32 AM #22    

Marilyn Muse (Thompson)

Thanks, Dick, for sharing your memories of Stan. I hadn't heard them before, but they do characterize "Stan, the Man". I think the one highlight that no one in that era will forget is Stan singing "cool, clear water" in that amazing voice.

05/17/18 08:50 PM #23    


Hart Haynes

​Reconnected with Stan several years ago via Facebook. Didn't take too long to catch up on the 50 or so years we hadn't seen each other. We had many lively conversations both on an off FB over the last few years. Was very glad we got to have a face to face several years ago, when Linda was at Duke University for heart surgery. Stan came to the hospital and the three of us had a great time remembering that other life and world so long ago. When Stan told me he had cancer I was floored. Through it all though he remained Stan. He accepted what was to be and lived life his way to the end. I'll always remember playing football, as little guys in Charlie Morris's side yard then on the field for CWHS. He will be missed.


03/15/19 08:55 PM #24    


Wynne Wessel (Williams)


Hey Judi, 

In reply to your last luncheon posting. We in Florida are only 20 in number. When Ohio still have over 90 in or around  the Dayton area. Question is would any of you folks in Ohio come to Florida if we ever planned a reunion? It appears that a lot of our class who still live in Ohio do not bother to come to our reunions so I have my doubts that they would come to Florida. What’s your thoughts on that?


03/15/19 09:29 PM #25    


Judith Ross

Wynne, we were teasing. Personally, I would come. But I think part of the fun of a reunion is returning to where it all happened. If you want to plan something (maybe on an off year) well, that’s up to you. Thanks for the input.

03/15/19 09:57 PM #26    


Wynne Wessel (Williams)


Thanks for your reply, I agree with you best to go back where it all began. I am just saddened that so many do not bother to do that. Our class is getting smaller every year. As I said before those from out of town come more than the ones who live in Ohio. So many work so hard to make the reunions, and so many just don’t care to come. I would plan but afraid the same thing would happen here in Florida. Maybe I should talk to Nancy now that she is here and get her thoughts. Didn’t mean to offend you.





05/10/19 11:50 AM #27    

Kaaren Bodiker (Dunlap)

I was so saddest of learn of the passing of dear friend Nancy Hambleton Hofele.   We went way back to our days at Loos school.  We had great times in our Girl Scout troop.  She was always interested in plants and gardening.  Her interest in keeping in touch with everyone was to be admired.  She always knew what was going on in people’s lives.  I talked to her for quite a while  in Florida.  Little did I know that she was so sick.  We were going to get together.  Unfortunately we never did.  Rest In Peace dear friend.  We will all miss you.

06/02/19 08:35 PM #28    

Jerry Nelson

Did you see that the Colonel White Lot (about 5.6 Acres) at 501 Niagra was sold this past week for about $4,600.  Nothing but an empty lot!!  

Jerry Nelson

03/29/20 02:06 PM #29    


Mark Tepping

I just got back from a quick trip to Florida to see my old friend (Class of '61) Roger Harris. Roger passed away shortly after my visit. I was so glad to have been able to see him one last time. Roger will be remembered for many things. He had been a dental surgeon, a Marine during Viet Nam, operated a boat delivery service from CT to Florida, and above everything a long time friend ever since we were in Cub Scouts together. Since he was in the Class of '61 I was not sure if you all had heard about his passing.

03/30/20 12:50 PM #30    

Photini Stamas (Fote)

Hi wonderful you were able to visit your dear friend.  I had heard about this and let me extend my deepest sympathy to you.  May his memory be eternal.



01/02/21 01:51 PM #31    

Richard Hohn (Hohn)

To Jack Lehman

So sorry to hear about your sister Carol. It has been a long time but I have fond memories of the "Little Store" (great baked ham by Momma Lehman), great basketball pick up games especially with Mr. Bob Corbin and just being able to run the neighborhood night or day with no fear. What a change. Am I getting old? No answer needed.

Pray you will be comforted in this difficult time. I will pray to that end.

Dick Hohn '59

01/03/21 11:45 AM #32    

Kaaren Bodiker (Dunlap)

I was very saddened to learn of the death of Carol Lehman.  She was Avery special person with a warm smile.  My sympathy to her brother Jack and their whole family.  Rest In Peace dear friend.

01/03/21 01:02 PM #33    

Photini Stamas (Fote)

I  am so sorry to hear of the passing of our classmate Carol Lehman.  I will remember her and her quiet sweet ways........prayers for her entire family and praying her memory is eternal.  My sympathy to all.

04/16/21 04:03 PM #34    


Gay Nellis (Walker)

Does anyone know what happened to Joy Ragsdale? I kept in touch with her sporadically for years, but she disappeared off my radar 10-15 years ago.


04/16/21 10:19 PM #35    

Photini Stamas (Fote)

I am so sad to hear of the passing of our classmate Jerry Kraus.  Such a fun person and always made me smile.  When we chose to have an outdoor picnic this past fall during Covid, it was a small group that attended.  But Jerry dropped by just to say hello and see everyone.  He didn't stay to eat - it was just his way of being involved and wanting to say hi and perhaps that short visit brought him joy that day.  We'll miss him for sure and  I extend my deepest sympathy to Sharon and their family during this difficult time.  May his memory be eternal...........🙏

04/20/21 09:27 PM #36    

Kaaren Bodiker (Dunlap)

Kaaren Dunlap I was sorry to see that Jerry Kraus passed away.  He was one of the great athletes at CW.  I ran into him several times at Yankee Trace where he was a starter at the golf course.  My sympathy to his family.


04/23/21 04:24 PM #37    


Barb Jenkins (Teague)

I'm so sadden by this news. Jerry was such a nice person. He and Sharon made a perfect couple. My deepest sympathy to Sharon and the Krauss family.🙏

04/28/21 06:34 PM #38    


Sue Bashore (Gatling)

Judy ,   Pray you get well soon..   

04/29/21 11:37 AM #39    

Jerry Nelson

Judy--We are all praying for you and family. 

Jerry Nelson


05/07/21 01:48 PM #40    


Sue Bashore (Gatling)

Soooo glad to hear Judi is doing better.  Get completely well soon.!!!

07/18/21 06:02 PM #41    

Barb Mould (Young)

Hello classmates of 60,

I am planning to fly into Cincinnati on August 3, drive along  the river to PA to visit my brother in Hanover, near Gettsyburg, and considering passing through Dayton on August 4.  Any chance you could plan an extra lunch (call it "bonus lunch" month) with the crew that meets monthly just to see each other? Just asking the possibilities.

Barb Mould 

Olympia, WA, 360-956-7114 (cell) and 360-970-1098

07/19/21 02:03 PM #42    

Jerry Nelson

Hi Barb--Good to hear from you.  If you are planning on visiting Gettysburg sometime, let me know.  I may be able to get you a Ranger-guided tour (it is according to their policies at the time).  I am a member of the American Legion and we sponsor tours of Gettysburg often--so, I can do it sometimes but not always. You get a lot more out of the experience with a guide,

Jerry Nelson


07/21/21 12:41 AM #43    

Barb Mould (Young)

Jerry Nelson,

Thanks for the message. I will probably be visiting Gettysburg on August 9 with my brother who is a Civil War buff.  It was good to hear from you. I look forward to our class reunion when ever it is safe to plan. If ever you are out this way to the Pacific Northwest, I would be glad to show you the mountains and Puget Sound. Take care of yourself.

Barb Mould

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