Lunch Bunch Sep. 2016

In September we met at Chappys Social House. We had great food and conversation. Sue Lovely updated us on the web site. Our host site offered us a deal we could not refuse. We had the money so we purchased ten more years for a very reasonable price! We are very optimistic that we all will be around to enjoy it and communicate with each other for ten more years.

We agreed that our November/December luncheon will be on December 2. We are open to suggestions as to where we should eat. Send Sue Lovely any suggestions you may have in the next day or two. She will contact the facility regarding availability and we will decide on Friday.

For the last several years we have donated items to CARE House at the holidays. To refresh your memory, the vision of CARE House is to be the community leader and model for the multidisciplinary team approach to addressing and preventing child abuse. They supply a list of items needed. If you have another charity you would like us to consider, let Sue know. We will decide on Friday.

Your classmates who enjoyed last month's luncheon were: Kaaren Bodiker Dunlap, Audrey Hahn Wion and husband Ken, Sue Lovely and daughter Debbie, Judi Ross and brother Frank, Sally Rozsa Donese, Tina Stamas Fote and husband Alex, and Diane Shook Trottier. Please join us on Friday! We look forward to seeing you!