Lunch Bunch (Jun)

The lunch bunch met at Marion's on June 28th. The group included teacher Stanley Blum; Jim Connolly and Muriel Howe Connolly; Audrey Hahn Wion and husband Ken; Polly Lively Menser; Sue Lovely, daughter Debbie and great grandson Devon; Reginia Myers England and husband Ron; Judi Ross; Sally Rozsa Donese and granddaughter Elly; and Dianne Shook Trottier.

Plans were finalized for the cookout on September 28. Announcements will go out in late July.

We will NOT meet at Marion's in September. Instead, we will attend the cookout on the 28th.

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Front Row: Stan, Devon, Elly, Muriel,

Middle Row: Polly, Debbie, Judi, Sue

Back Row: Regenia, Dianne, Sally, Audrey, Ken, Jim, Ron