Lunch Bunch Dec. 2016

We had a great time at the December 2 luncheon at El Meson. The group included: Biff Backus '61, Kaaren Bodiker Dunlap, Jim Connolly and Muriel Howe Connolly, Oran Fisher and wife Debbie, Audrey Hahn Wion and husband Ken, Gary Keithley '59, Jerry Krauss, Sue Lovely and daughter Debbie and neighbor Janet, Judi Ross, Sally Rozsa Donese, Dianne Shook Trottier, Marti Stoner Coblentz, Tina Stamas Fote and husband Alex.

We have a picture to share. Some folks had to leave early, but we still have a good picture.

STANDING: Alex Fote, Sue Lovely's daughter Debbie, Kaaren Bodiker Dunlap, Audrey Hahn Wion, Sally Rozsa Donese, Marti Stoner Coblentz, Tina Stamas Fote, Oran Fisher, Biff Backus

SITTING: Dianne Shook Trottier, Judi Ross, Muriel Howe Connolly, Jim Connolly, Sue Lovely

Again, our classmaates were generous. We collected for CARE house as we have done for the last several years. Our donations incuded Lays chips, books, coloring/activity books, a Laugh and Learn Puppy, boxes of crayons, paper towels, bath tissue, paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, Rice Krispies treats, Oreo cookies, Lance wafers, gift cards and cash.

Thank you to everyone who participated and to Sue Lovely for delivering our donations.

We have decided to change our luncheon sites a little. We will still go to Marion's four times a year. We will go to Leegacy Pancake House three times a year. We will choose a restaurant south of town three times a year. And we will select a restaurant for our end-of-the-year luncheon. The 2017 schedule as it now stands is:

January 27 - Marion's Piazza North Dixie - 12:30 pm

February 24 - Legacy Pancake House, 1510 North Keowee - 12:30 pm

March 31 - TBA 

April 28 - Marion's Piazza North Dixie - 12:30 pm

May 26 - Legacy Pancake House - 12:30 pm

June 30 - TBA

July 28 - Marion's Piazza North Dixie - 12:30 pm

August 25 - Legacy Pancake House - 12:30 pm

September 29 - TBA

October 27 - Marion's Piazza North Dixie - 12:30 pm


As decisions are made,  we will update the web site. On the home page, on the left, under luncheons, you will find 2017 Lunch dates. We also post the upcoming luncheon on the home page. No excuses not to join us. We look forward to seeing YOU at our next luncheon.