Lunch Bunch 7/18

Thanks to the classmates who completed our survey. Also, thanks to those who checked and updated their information even though they did not complete the survey. Every little bit helps. 

We had a great time at Marion's last month. Every once in a while it's nice to go back to the familiar.


Judi's brother, Frank; Stan Blum; Audrey Hahn Wion


Tina's husband, Alex; Tina Stamas Fotee; Dave Gruber; Oran Fisher


Audrey's husband, Ken; Judi Ross

Pat's sister, Pam; Pat VanDyne Smith; Dianne Shook Trottier


Stan Blum, Oran's wife, Debbie


Sue Lovely

CWHS60 Classmates and relatives


I called this Sue's Crew.

Sue's friends, Sandy, Geri, Sue's sister Debbie, Sue's neighbor, Janet