Lunch Bunch 1/18

We decided on where to eat in February and March. April we go back to Marion's. March 30th we will be at the Olive Garden by the Dayton Mall.

Dave Gruber had out patient back surgery.. He was at the luncheon and doing well. Back surgery has sure come a long way.

Audrey and Ken brought their baby grandson. I hate when I am just getting over a cold and a baby is around. I so wanted to hold him. He is adorable and a grandpa's boy. We were glad to meet Shona, too.

The lunch bunch consisted of the following: Nancy Banta Jones and Randy Jones; Dave Gruber and wife Becky; Audrey Hahn Wion and husband Ken, daughter Shona and grandson Daniel; Sue Lovely and daughter Debbie; Judi Ross; Sally Rozsa Donese; Dianne Shook Trottier; Tina Stamas Fote and husband Alex; and Marti Stoner Coblentz.