July Pictures

Jim Connolly and Muriel Howe Connolly



Bob Barrett, Barbara Mould Young talking with Floyd Winterbotham, Dianne Shook Trottier, Audrey Hahn Wion, Ken Wion and Jane Jackson Hicks


Harriet Smalley Ellis and Lois Martin Logan (Connie Blum in background)


Judi Ross


Mary Donnelon and John Weaver


Brenda Phelps Fillers and Polly Lively Menser

Oran Fisher and wife Debbie

Frank (Photis) Daskalakis and Joan Galloway Riffe


Joe Farrente and Nancy Hambleton Hofele


Jerry Nelson, Bruce Hain and Mr. Stan Blum


Coach Eby and Jerry Nelso

Susie Keithley and Kathy McCartan Stevens

Pat VanDyne Smith, Howard Bayne, Paula and Dave Luke

Biff Backus and Tina Stamas Fote

Dave Gruber, Linda Cook Barrett and Harriet Smalley Ellis

Tina Stamas Fote, Bob Barrett and Linda Cook Barrett


Jane Jackson Hicks, Audrey Hahn Wion and husband Ken


Dianne Shook Trottier and granddaughter Ashley


Floyd (Frosty) Winterbotham


Patty and Dee (Waldo Matthews daughters) with Coach Eby

George Pavlakos and Aaron Burke

Oran Fisher, Coach Jim Eby, and Howard Bayne


Howard Bayne and Coach Jim Eby