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02/24/12 05:39 PM #1    

Sue Lovely

Welcome to the forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/31/12 10:41 PM #2    


Wynne Wessel (Williams)

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who were unable to attend our 50th reunion. Check out my photos I have put up a few of our classmates. Might be fun to see how some of us look in our old age. All kidding aside we all looked pretty good.




06/09/13 10:00 PM #3    

Sue Lovely

Does anyone know the year of the last graduating class from CW?  It was torn down in 2008, but can't remember the year of the last graduating class.  Thanks!

06/10/13 08:05 AM #4    


Mark Tepping

I just asked Phil Clark, he seems to know everything about the later CWHS years. I have also received numerous Dayton pictures from him on a daily basis.

06/10/13 01:21 PM #5    


Mark Tepping

I just got a response from Phil Clarke. He said that the last CWHS graduating class was 2007. The new Thurgood Marshal HS was completed in 2007 and combined Colonel White, Dunbar and Roth High Schools. They kept the Cougar as their mascot in honor of CWHS. Mark

06/10/13 03:25 PM #6    

Sue Lovely

Thanks Mark!  I will be posting that date on the Group that I created:  CWHS Alumni.  It's nice to see that you have been looking at those posts on there.  I hope you enjoy the group.

06/11/13 10:19 AM #7    

Ray Blackstone

Thank you, and thanks to Phil Clark for his interesting posts about CWHS, and Dayton!



06/12/13 02:16 PM #8    


Sue Bashore (Gatling)

      Hi Wynne,

      Reunion was a good time ---  thanks for your update.

     Great pics and glad to hear all is well. Continue to enjoy family, friends, and travels. Sounds super !!

     Thanks to all of you who made this message forum and response.          Sue Bashore Gatling

10/15/13 11:39 PM #9    


Karen Griffiths

Thanks for the fall picnic & all your hard was great to see everyone.

09/27/17 11:55 AM #10    

Sharon Allaman (Hoover)

On a four-hour layover in Houston on my way to Los Angeles, then Hong Kong to Kathmandu, Nepal. Two weeks traveling there with my younger daughter, Elizabeth! Hope you all enjoy your luncheon on Friday. 

09/28/17 11:49 AM #11    


Gay Nellis (Walker)

I was shocked a few years ago while visiting in Dayton. CWHS was gone! So was Loos School, and Cleveland School. All the shools I attended were gone. Makes one feel really old!

09/29/17 11:33 AM #12    


Mark Tepping

Yes Gay it is sad. When I was in town for the last reunion I visited the lot that used to hold CWHS. I also went past Fairview HS and it was also gone too. Dayton is not the same place it was when we were growing up. It used to be a vigrant progressive manufacturing place with great culture. We were lucky to have been there back then.

09/29/17 04:59 PM #13    

Roger Harris ('61)

Even sadder than the obliteration of both CWHS & Fairview HS is the loss of Ruth Tepping's BEAUTIFUL mosaic which hung over the entrance to the cafeteria! Shame on the Dayton Bd of Ed powers that allowed this artistic masterpiece to be lost!👎😣😵

12/12/17 02:49 PM #14    

Judith Ross

We have 13 classmates who reside in California. Those who live in California, please respond and let us know if and/or how you have been affected by the fires. If you know of someone who cannot respond, let us know that, too. 

12/13/17 12:02 PM #15    


Mary Lou Leach (Jenkins)

Mary Lou checking in here in Garden Grove, CA.  Fires were not near us - we are OK and blessed.  Been praying for those many households being misplaced by the fires - many, many acres have burned and homes destroyed.


12/13/17 07:57 PM #16    


Gay Nellis (Walker)

I am [thankfully] nowhere near the raging fires. I do co-own a house in Camarillo [Ventura County], but it is pretty far from the fire activity. I hope it stays that way!


12/14/17 12:15 PM #17    

Nancy Hambleton (Hofele)

Greetings from Florida!
Happy Holidays, stay safe! Nancy

12/14/17 04:50 PM #18    


Wynne Wessel (Williams)

Merry Christmas & Happy New to all my 1960 classmates...Here’s hoping 2018 is the best year ever for all of us, good health, wealth and happiness.





12/14/17 08:00 PM #19    


Lola Willhelm (Andrews)

My exact sentiments to everyone!

12/16/17 08:05 PM #20    


Photini Stamas (Fote)

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!  

Photini (Tina) Stamas Fote

05/15/18 03:38 PM #21    

Richard Hohn (Hohn)

Stan "Silky" Sullivan will be missed. He was good about staying in touch with friends. Even thouigh he was class of "59, it seems like quite a few remember him.

One story I remember is when we were lining up to run a play (I was at left guard, Stan was the center and I think Phil Cromer was at right guard) when Jerry Krauss came up to the line and put his hands up under Phil (?) to receive the ball. Phil was a bit starlted and raised up which got the rest of us to check it out. Stan said a few "choice" words to Jerry K who then assumed his correct spot. Don't remember if we ran the play or got a penalty. In any case, I think we won the game and we had alot of laughs (not so sure Coach Eby joined in).

Stan helped me stay in the choir and I am still grateful that he did. Great experiences with Mrs. Bright and the entire choir. Oh yeah, how did Stan help me. Well, I was a "leaner", that is sometimes I would get off on notes to sing and if I stood next to Stan I could lean in and get the note. Mrs. Bright probably knew but she kept working with me as did Stan. Thanks to both. 

I aso remember Stan doing Cool Water. One of my favorites on the LP (vinyl record) the choir did. 

Had a lot of good times hanging out with Stan and the other guys. R.I.P. Stan. God Speed!


Dick Hohn - "59

05/16/18 11:32 AM #22    

Marilyn Muse (Thompson)

Thanks, Dick, for sharing your memories of Stan. I hadn't heard them before, but they do characterize "Stan, the Man". I think the one highlight that no one in that era will forget is Stan singing "cool, clear water" in that amazing voice.

05/17/18 08:50 PM #23    


Hart Haynes

​Reconnected with Stan several years ago via Facebook. Didn't take too long to catch up on the 50 or so years we hadn't seen each other. We had many lively conversations both on an off FB over the last few years. Was very glad we got to have a face to face several years ago, when Linda was at Duke University for heart surgery. Stan came to the hospital and the three of us had a great time remembering that other life and world so long ago. When Stan told me he had cancer I was floored. Through it all though he remained Stan. He accepted what was to be and lived life his way to the end. I'll always remember playing football, as little guys in Charlie Morris's side yard then on the field for CWHS. He will be missed.


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